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Subscribe to our rental guarantee insurance and let yourself be reassured when renting your property. Our rent guarantee insurance is also standard with legal fees, so in the case of a tenant, you can get rent protection and any legal costs you may incur, such as the cost of evicting a tenant, are covered. The Alan Boswell Group appreciates the time and effort it takes to find the right tenants and the need to protect the rental income from the property. However, circumstances beyond a tenant`s control, such as layoffs, can result in a loss of rent. At this point, rent protection insurance such as landlord rental guarantee insurance can make a difference. Because we understand this, we have created a policy that covers a variety of events. The rental guarantee insurance is recommended to anyone who could suffer financially if the property they rent no longer receives rental income. Even the best tenants can find themselves in a difficult situation and not be able to pay the rent you rely on, so rent guarantee insurance is a valuable safety net in case you no longer receive the scheduled payments. Tenants stop paying rent for many reasons – job loss, relationship issues, health issues, cash flow problems – and the list goes on. SingleKey`s rent guarantee acts as your safety net if your tenant doesn`t pay their rent.

Through our rental guarantee program, landlords eliminate significant risks and losses due to rent arrears, eviction costs and property damage. There is no legal obligation for the product, although it is strongly advised if you depend on rental income. With up to 730,000 parent landlords in the UK, we look at the insurance you need when renting a property to the family. The price of rental income loss insurance depends on several factors, some of which can significantly affect costs. The type of property you rent, its size, location, and the number and type of tenants you rent to will affect the rental income you normally earn. This, in turn, will affect your insurance costs, as you may need a higher or lower level of protection. With our quick and easy refund process, you will be paid within 15 days by making your claim if your tenant does not pay their rent. Scale your rental portfolio and secure cash flow with SingleKey`s risk mitigation tools. Similar to private mortgage insurance (PMI), rental guarantee insurance provides protection to the landlord rather than the tenant.

If the tenant no longer pays the rent, the insurance company as guarantor assumes the rent for the period specified in the contract. PayRent offers a set of features and controls called RentDefense, which provides landlords with a financial safety net by ensuring that the tenant pays rent when due. Buy rental guarantee insurance from £160 per property* Our legal protection and rent guarantee gives landlords peace of mind by offsetting some of the costs incurred when tenants fail to pay their rent while they still occupy the property. It also covers the legal costs of property recovery, which can also be costly. In addition to protecting your business with rent guarantee insurance to cover non-payment of rent, you can also protect your business by taking the time to carefully select tenants. Think about how rental guarantee insurance can help you: we`ve partnered with Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers and their policies come standard with legal fees, so you can get rent protection in case of a tenant and the legal fees you incur and can cover. In addition, many insurance insurers take into account the solvency of tenants in the lease, before offering this type of policy. You may need to sign an agreement stating that you completed a credit check before signing the lease before you qualify for rental guarantee insurance. If your tenant no longer pays rent but lives in your property, you will need to apply for it. We will then ask our court-appointed lawyers on your behalf to review your case. Once your claim is approved, our lawyers will help you take possession of the property and the police will continue to make rent payments that have not been paid by the tenant.

These payments will continue for a maximum of 15 months, with payments of up to three months equal to 75% of the amount of rent paid after the eviction (as long as the property is vacant). Instead of worrying about what tomorrow might bring and how it will affect their tenants, units and livelihoods, pragmatic landlords and agents invest in rent and legal protection for absolute security – and a financial safety net. If your tenant is in default, you have 60 days to make a claim for your rental guarantee. As a homeowner, you can rely on your rental income to cover your mortgage payments. Rent guarantee insurance can come in to cover your rental income if your tenants stop paying their rent for one or more reasons. With thousands of renters falling behind every year, this insurance can offer homeowners peace of mind and valuable support. The most important difference between this type of insurance and rent loss insurance is that it is intended to be used specifically when a tenant no longer pays rent. The reason for the tenant`s non-payment can be one of many different reasons. From job loss to abandonment, the reason for non-payment plays no role in insurance coverage.

Thanks to our close insurance relationships, we can offer rental guarantee and legal protection insurance at a competitive price. In addition, if you purchase it when you purchase rental insurance with us, we can offer you an exclusive discount. In most cases, this type of insurance policy only covers fair market rental value, which may differ from what the tenant actually paid for rent. Not convinced that rental guarantee insurance is right for you? Here are our top five reasons why you shouldn`t miss out. NestEgg offers a number of interesting features. Their level of growth ensures on-time rent deposits by providing tenants with flexible payment options and advances for full payment to landlords, whether or not the full rent has been paid by the due date. Rightly, they call this feature Rent Advance. In addition, the growth phase finances maintenance costs, so owners can pay them up to 6 months. Your occupancy guarantee applies to tenants selected by NestEgg, which insures a landlord`s income in the event of a loss of rent. In this case, NestEgg also waives the cost of finding a new tenant, which can be between 50 and 100% of the monthly rent.

Either way, you might be able to offset the cost of adding this type of insurance to the monthly base rent based on your area and profit margin. Insurance is a reasonable expense for your business if you consider the protection it offers, so factoring these costs into your rental calculation is something you should think about. Your tenants must be satisfactorily referenced with two forms of identification, one of which must be photographic, for rental guarantee insurance to be valid. We also accept proof that they have passed on the right to rent as proof of identity. Protect your rental income from tenant default with a flexible solution that combines rental guarantee insurance, legal assistance and damage protection. Also known as rental income loss insurance or rental loss insurance, rental guarantee insurance is a risk management solution that protects landlords from losses if a tenant defaults or is unable to pay for a reason beyond their control. This insurance pays the monthly rent for a certain period of time when the insured tenant stops payments. Rent Rescue`s Loss of Rent Insurance includes: We collect your rent and are there every step of the way to make sure your rent is always paid.

No, the policy is designed for rent to be paid while the tenant lives in the property (but is unable to pay the rent). If they leave, there is no coverage for future rentals. Rent guarantee insurance can help landlords avoid financial hardship if tenants are unable to pay their rent. Sometimes tenants lose their jobs, break up with their partner, get sick, or face circumstances that put them in a difficult financial situation.