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We focus on helping disadvantaged people and people with special needs. We are one of nearly 180 municipal legal centres in Australia. We encourage and support students in solving their own legal problems. Ongoing support in individual cases or legal representation is not provided; However, if necessary, appropriate recommendations are proposed. If you want to understand the juvenile court, get legal advice or find a lawyer, turn to one of these free services: we offer free and confidential legal advice over the phone and in person. We regularly give face-to-face appointments in various cities on the south coast and southern plateaus There are local community law centres in most FACS districts. In some FACS districts, there are also local legal services for the prevention of domestic violence. The Student Legal Services Clinic provides free confidential legal advice to current students at the University of Wollongong (UOW). This service is provided by a dedicated lawyer at the Illawarra Legal Centre. The Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre has been the only legal centre on the South Coast since 1999. In 1999, the Illawarra Law Centre recognised the need for a legal centre south of Wollongong.

A research project was completed and became the basis for a funding proposal to create the Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre. 20 years later, we are still strong. We are funded by the Commonwealth and the state government through the Community Legal Services Program, which is administered by Legal Aid NSW. Free legal education for community groups and members of the public. Free legal advice in most areas of law and ongoing support possible. The Student Legal Services Clinic website contains general information only. This information is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice. The Student Legal Services Clinic accepts no responsibility for any action taken based on the information contained on this website or for any loss arising from reliance on the information contained on this website. If you would like legal advice on a specific issue, please contact the Student Legal Services Clinic. Alternatively, you can call LawAccess NSW for information and recommendations on 1300 888 529 and they can direct you to a free legal service in your area. Road accidents can raise complex legal issues.

Know your rights and what to take if you are ever involved in a car accident. The Illawarra Law Center is an independent, non-profit community legal center. We provide free legal services to the public by telephone, at our centre and at a number of local locations. Description: This session explains the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords It will include: Current legislation: leases – fixed and continuing; Binding; termination by tenants; Termination by the owner; repairs and maintenance; Access; Share a shared apartment. Intellectual Disability Rights Department Call toll-free 1800 666 611 or 02 9318 0144 Appointments can be made by phone, via Zoom or at the UOW Wollongong campus on 19.G020 Free professional support for anyone in financial difficulty. Description: COMING SOON: What is Intellectual Property? What are my obligations when signing a student certificate? Appointments are usually made on Mondays during office hours. Stay informed about what you`re entitled to, what`s ethical under the Fair Work Act, and what you can do if something goes wrong with your job. Monaro Community Access Service (MCAS). 90 Vale Street, Cooma. Description: This session will cover the following topics: what is a fine, types of fines, information about your options for dealing with a fine or notice of fine, including paying the fine, what to do if you disagree, what happens if you have decided to go to court and what you can do, if your driver`s licence is suspended. Free specific advice and support for parents who receive payments from another parent for their children. Description: This session focuses on loan debt.

The session covers what you can do if you are owed money or if someone sues you for money. Debts may arise from contracts with private loans; loans and credit cards;. Electricity, gas, water and telephone bills. What are the ways to pay the debt and collect the debt? How to make a claim and go to court. Description: The Victim Assistance Program – This program assists victims of violent crime in New South Wales. Description: What is the age of consent in New South Wales? If I am a minor and consent to sex, is it still sexual assault? What happens if I get my consent during sex, etc. have revoked? Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women`s Legal Centre 1800 686 587 or 02 9569 3847 Knowledge and understanding of intellectual property (IP). Protecting your creations, innovations, and ideas is important, but it`s also important to make sure you`re not violating the rights of others. Free specific advice and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The session will cover available support, how to apply, deadlines for applications. Proof required. Description: What to do after an accident Who is responsible? What evidence is available; make a claim; respond to a complaint; going to court; Disputes; Damage caused by a road accident.