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Inquiries may be addressed directly in writing or verbally to the department and may be sent by post or e-mail by e-mail. There is a service level agreement that outlines the level of service you expect from the department and what we expect from you. If you think the patient, loved one or caregiver prefers to talk to someone who is not part of the department or department team, they can talk to a member of the Patient Counselling and Liaison Service (PALS). They provide confidential advice, support and information on health issues to patients, their families and caregivers. PALS can be contacted Monday to Friday between 09:30 and 16:30 on 0161 604 5897. In July 2016, the Trust was due to launch an integrated care organisation which would include 440 adult social workers transferred from the City of Salford. Mental health services were to be provided by the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, but Salford would administer the contract. It was hoped that this would save £36 million a year by 2021, mainly by reducing hospital admissions, reducing administrative costs and eliminating duplication. [2] T: 0161 276 4019 / 701 1303/ 701 1304 / 701 1316 E: / You can authorize a lawyer or other legal representative in writing to request access to your documents. Don`t make a statement without talking to our legal team in or

For access to buildings on acute care hospital sites, see the section Identification badges Part of the National Health Service, an NHS trust, a body responsible for a large emergency department and hospital, also known as NCAFT The Access Requests Department responds to requests within one calendar month. If requests are considered particularly large or complex, an extension may be requested by the Access Requests Division. From 1 July 2019, access to information requests will be transferred to the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust as the legal entity to which NES Community Services will be transferred. The ANC has a central team that manages all freedom of information, which can be contacted under the contact details below. We strive to address the concerns of service users, relatives and caregivers at the local level wherever possible. If you know that a patient or service user, loved one or caregiver is dissatisfied with any aspect of their care, we recommend that you support them or refer them to the most appropriate person in your department, as they will be in the best position to help resolve issues immediately. We encourage all complaints and concerns regarding care or treatment to be raised with service or service staff at the time of the event. We believe that front-line staff who provide care and assistance are in the best position to address and, where possible, resolve the issues raised. There will be one training per month in each hospital, further sessions are planned to support the transfer – please refer to the posters below for dates. Other dates will follow shortly. Community services finance teams are primarily located in communities. They receive central support from Turnpike House and SRFT Financial Services.

Community finance teams will continue to provide assistance and advice to budget holders, as well as financial approvals for vacancies advertised on the TRAC. The financial cost and expense centre codes will change, but will reflect the CFFTP coding structure. A map document is available upon request. For applications, please continue to use the old codes in the CFLP system. Please visit for details on the services available at Salford Royal All departments are dedicated to occupational medicine and are located on the grounds of each hospital site. All are accessible to persons with disabilities and accessible to persons with disabilities. Parking is subject to advance arrangements, which the ANC wishes to support, as we are committed to ensuring that staff pay reasonable amounts for parking fees. If you currently have a valid Pennine Care parking pass that is clearly affixed to your vehicle, it is permitted at the NCA hospitals in Fairfield, Rochdale Infirmary, Salford Royal and The Royal Oldham Hospital. subject access requests from 1 July will be processed by the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust as the legal entity to which NES Community Services will be transferred. SARs for NES Community Services are managed by Salford Care Organisation staff. However, you will find that the portion in parentheses now reflects your new employer – from (PENNINE ACUTE HOSPITALS) to (SALFORD ROYAL NHS FOUNDATION TRUST) Clinical skills and simulation training enable healthcare professionals (of all levels and specialties) to learn new skills through a range of different teaching methods, as well as practice and refine existing skills. Training can range from face-to-face sessions with the use of «task trainers» to improve a specific skill or to the use of «high fidelity» simulators to improve the management of complex clinical situations.

Interactive e-learning programs are also available to support learning. This training enables staff to provide competent, compassionate and safe clinical practice in patient care. In 2015, the Trust was one of the best performing NHS Trusts in the UK. [10] [11] [12] [13] If you have any questions about the SLA, please contact Ulysses (these can be reported to supervisors if you no longer have access to them) TUPE protects against changes to the terms and conditions indefinitely if the only reason for the change is the transfer. Northern Care Alliance has no right to change the terms and conditions at any time, unless there is an «economic, technical or organisational reason» unrelated to the transfer. If, in the future, organizational changes are required for any of the Northern Care Alliance services, which may result in changes to the terms and conditions, this will be done in consultation with unions and employees. For more information, please contact your local HR team. Northern Care Alliance NHS took over management of the Trust`s business in 2017.

[6] Employees using smart cards should always be able to use them. We are aware of the impact of conscious bias, privilege and cultural competency that can lead to inequalities for employees from underserved communities in disciplines and recruitment. As an organisation committed to reducing these inequalities, in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing, we have established cultural ambassadors across the organisation, bringing a diversity of lived experiences and providing advice and support to decision-makers in our disciplinary and recruitment processes to mitigate the impact of these factors. If you have any questions about the booking process, please contact Ruth Walton – / 0161 778 5585 Working days: Monday, Tuesday and Friday North Manchester CO Communication and Engagement Officer You can view a list of courses offered via ESR and via the user manual. No changes – Continue to use current devices. It continues to be supported by Part of SLA (PCFT) point-of-care clinical decision-making tools, including UpToDate and BMJ Best Practice ID Badge Form – Bury ID Badge Form – Rochdale ID Badge Form – Oldham ID Badge Form – North Manchester All documents created from 1 July 2019 onwards are now the responsibility of Salford Royal, It shouldn`t affect you on a day-to-day basis. For patients whose records are open, their records remain on site to support continued care for those patients. For new patients, the records created will continue to be kept on the sites. Associate Director of Corporate Governance and Nursing, Group Access to buildings when something has changed for staff The full list of courses can be found in the current training bulletin on our intranet.