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In January 2017, Nestlé announced that it would move its U.S. headquarters from Glendale, California to Rosslyn, Virginia, near Washington, DC. [46] In the legal department, we work with everyone. Different teams, different functions, in the region. We are here to support the company and lead it to success. There has been considerable controversy surrounding Nestlé`s brand of bottled water, Arrowhead, which originates from Brunnen next to a spring at Millard Canyon on an Indian reservation at the foot of California`s San Bernardino Mountains. While company representatives and representatives of the ruling Morongo tribe have claimed that the company, which began operations in 2000, creates meaningful jobs in the area and that the spring maintains current surface water flows, a number of local citizen groups and environmental action committees have begun to question the amount of water in light of the ongoing drought. and restrictions on water use in residential buildings. [172] In addition, recent evidence indicates that Forest Service officials did not conduct a review process for Nestlé`s permit to extract water from San Bernardino wells, which expired in 1988. [173] [174] In San Bernardino, Nestlé pays $524 a year to the U.S. Forest Service to pump and bottle about 30 million gallons, even during droughts. Peter Gleick, co-founder of the Pacific Institute, which studies freshwater problems, said, «Every gallon of water from a natural bottled water system is a gallon of water that doesn`t flow into a stream that doesn`t support a natural ecosystem.» He also said, «Our public authorities have dropped the ball.» [175] We have been on the road to digitization for many years.

We have a real-time compliance management system in which each compliance is attributed to the respective owners on the sites and their supervisors. We used technical tools for contract and process management. The AI-based legal chatbot for businesses and functions, which facilitates real-time advice and support, was launched two months ago. In addition, the use of the board portal tool for a smooth flow of information between boards, which is particularly useful when meetings are held by audiovisual means. Legal technology tools remain an area of focus for opportunities to transform traditional methods of in-house legal work. The most memorable experience concerns the legal strategy and its successful implementation to lift the prohibition orders and reintroduce MAGGI noodles in 2015 thanks to the landmark judgment of the Mumbai High Court. It also included the management of various stakeholders during the crisis in Nestlé`s position, such as regulators, brand ambassadors, distributors/customers, shareholders/investors and the board of directors. Explanation by stakeholders that the voluntary withdrawal of a product fit for consumption was in the interest of consumers and to avoid confusion and assumptions in the marketplace. It was a responsible action of the company, not to mention that the following legal steps were Herculean, but an experience. c. Risks are inherent in the business. Ensure a rigorous and pragmatic risk assessment and provide clear direction to the company on whether or not to move forward.

Hello, I have the pleasure to introduce myself to everyone in this forum. I am a lawyer with a diverse 8-year PQE in the field of law. I have my roots in the hill station of Shimla and I was born and raised there. I currently work in Gurgaon and work for a multinational as an in-house legal expert. d.Transition the legal team from risk mitigation to business partner My fondness for this subject goes back to my childhood when I started following famous personalities and finding a large part of them on the scale thanks to their legal knowledge. Gandhi`s autobiography was one of the best motivations for me and continued to convince me. Like everyone else, I was worried about how legal education could meet my needs and support me in the early years of my life, but there were many other motivating factors that kept me going. Because all those who believe that this profession is not profitable enough must rethink, because the rewards are diverse and fulfilling. Well, as with all other courses, there is a huge opportunity for law courses that can be customized according to the needs of the day. The way business works in the country with increasing globalization needs to be adapted by academics to the pace. This will only accelerate learning and produce top-notch and effective lawyers in the country.

In 2011 I was interviewed at Mondelez (Cadbury) and after three intensive sessions I managed to get a job offer. I knew it would be a paradigm shift for me, but the desire to learn more bridged the gap for me. It turned out to be a valid decision after all. The 4 years I spent at Mondelez changed me as a person and as a professional. I learned how the industry works and what added value an in-house lawyer can create for the company. And if you trusted me, that`s way too much! During my first years as General Counsel, I received feedback on a project focused on accelerating new product launches that the in-house legal team was seen as a hindrance by my business colleagues. In investigating the reasons, it was found that the legal team had rejected proposals that they considered non-compliant.