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Minimalist Lifestyle Rules

As a minimalist, the easy solution would be to stick to a phone/product as long as it works and replace it if broken. Thank you! There are, in fact, many different ways to incorporate minimalist principles into our lives. The key is to make the decision to live more conscientiously. In this sense, each of the concepts represents a step towards this mindfulness. It`s easy to call minimalism a unique philosophy, but it`s not, so don`t be so quick to adopt the rules you`ve adopted here or there (including here!). You don`t need to give away all your stuff and buy a small house to adopt a minimalist philosophy! Maybe your minimalist journey starts with tidying up your closet. Or maybe it starts with letting go of toxic relationships. It could also mean learning to buy fewer things. While minimalism can be applied to every aspect of your life, from cleansing to relationships, choose just one area to start with! The best way to inhibit growth is to lose motivation because you`re trying to get involved in a complex diet. That`s why, while there are many opportunities for improvement, we take a minimalist approach. Contrary to popular belief, the rules of minimalism are not set in stone. The «minimalist life» is a very flexible concept and of course open to variations. Contrary to popular belief, minimalism is about finding balance in your life and not sticking to someone else`s standard for how many items you should own or how you should organize and design your environment.

To top it off, the best aspect of minimalist living is that with a few guidelines, you can tailor your approach to your own needs and preferences. These lifelong skills will ultimately be worth much more than a tidy white living room. Therefore, minimalism does not prevent people from owning three sofas and four desks instead of one. Minimalism is about setting your rules for spending and consuming. Minimalism or the search for a more minimal lifestyle doesn`t have to cost you anything. When you see photos of modern, minimalist Scandinavian furniture, it can be tempting to want the same for your home — but that`s the opposite point of minimalism. Welcoming minimalism into your life doesn`t mean buying new things that have a certain minimalist aesthetic. The best way to start is to clean up the things in your home that no longer add value while continuing to use what you already have. However, the exact definition of «less» is yours. In other words, you are the architect of your minimalist structure. AUDIOBOOK: If you prefer to listen, we have recorded an extended audio version of the minimalist rulebook, which is now available for purchase.

In the audiobook, Joshua reads all the rules, and then he and Ryan discuss how that rule applies to their own lives — like a short podcast episode that accompanies each rule. We also invent new rules along the way. (Duration: 2.5 hours.) Minimalists have no fewer friends than non-minimalists. Minimalists are not «lone wolves» by nature. It`s important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to apply minimalism to your life. It`s just about eliminating distractions so you can do more of what`s important. For more information, check out this comprehensive guide to minimalism or my take on the ultimate question: «Am I already a minimalist?» Here are some ways to practice minimalism that offer a more realistic – and achievable – perspective for the person who wants to become a minimalist. FREE EBOOK: Minimalists have created 16 rules to help you get organized — No junk rule, seasonality rule, just in case, gift rule, and 12 more — and we`ve put them together into a beautifully designed ebook that you can download for free below. Print at home or read on any device. If you want to test the limits of your willpower or are curious about the benefits of extreme minimalism, there are a number of activities you can do in the short term to get a feel for this lifestyle, such as: Minimalism stands in stark contrast to the values of our culture. Anyone with minimalist values will stand out in this «follow the Joneses» culture. In conclusion, minimalism is not a set of clearly defined rules.

Minimalism is a way of thinking about and analyzing consumer choices, work ethic, social interactions, and other life challenges. These 10 minimalist principles outline some mindsets you need if you want to experience all the benefits that living this way can bring. Buying consciously and intentionally will make you much happier. This is where these minimalist ideas will come in handy. They will make you think more clearly and soon you will be well on your way to becoming a minimalist! A minimalist perspective helps us reduce the number of wants and desires and appreciate what you already have. That is, sometimes you have a lot of desires because you don`t have a life strategy and you somehow arbitrarily spend your days following mood after whim. Minimalism as a lifestyle is about making choices, and this applies to relationships as well. Of course, fewer relationships make it easier to focus on essential bonds like partners, parents, and best friends. Minimalism is a very liberating philosophy. People who live minimalists enjoy a life with more peace, more freedom, and much less stress.

There`s a reason it became so popular. Minimalism is not a one-time project. It may start small, but the impact, benefits, and what it looks like will add up over time. While it may be nice to reach a certain decluttering point where you feel good, you know that this can change over time. What minimalism looks like for you will change as your needs and lifestyle change. These situations require conscious decisions. A minimalist approach won`t solve all your problems, but it will streamline the decision-making process. You will find that the more you let go, the more you have! Less possessions gives you the opportunity to do the most important things you focus on. A minimalist wardrobe can save you money and time by keeping things simple and reducing decision fatigue. The first step to minimalist living is to step back and observe. Look at your home, belongings, lifestyle and attitude from an objective perspective.

This article was written by Paige Smith, a freelance writer from Orange County, California, who specializes in lifestyle, wellness and travel. […] If we apply minimalist principles to our lives, we can use minimalism as a tool to build a life that has a purpose for […] If you want to become a minimalist, you have to start somewhere. These minimalist lifestyle tips are exactly what you need to get the process started. Learn how to be a minimalist with this beginner`s guide! The key to minimalist organization is to have less to organize! Furniture, kitchen utensils, clothing, and toys are a few examples where you opt for less, which means you can invest in better quality products. Instead of buying four new jeans, keep a sturdy pair that lasts longer. Instead of buying a lot of decorations for your home, spend your money on a few items that really showcase your style! Why do people become minimalists? Minimalism has several advantages, including: In this way, minimalism and zero waste are well combined. To help you understand how to be a little more minimalist, here is an introduction I`ve prepared for you. Our Simplify Your Life course includes a step-by-step process for applying minimalist living principles to your life. As you get to know the items in your life, you begin to learn your buying behavior. Consider decorating your home and office with a minimalist aesthetic.

As mentioned above, there are easy ways to embrace the principles of minimalism to manage excessive desires and degrade your lifestyle so that you can find satisfaction. However, if you`re a seasoned minimalist and looking for ways to go beyond the basics, here are some tips on how to do it. A minimalist lifestyle can also be applied to your finances! If you choose to rate items less, you can put more money in your pocket. By buying only what you need, you free up money for more experiences. Finding ways to save more can eventually lead to working less! Try the 50/20/30 rule to get your finances in order. If you lead a minimalist lifestyle, you`ll learn to prioritize your energy and resources and focus on the things you don`t think are important. Most of the principles of minimalism affect the way we think, but design also plays a vital role. Most minimalists would agree that the design should be both beautiful and functional. Especially for a beginner or aspiring minimalist, it can be intimidating to always equate minimalism with austerity, frugality, and other limiting terms.